Easy breathing with the innovative 1-layer mouth-nose-mask

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Westfalen Care
High quality breathing mask

You want a respiratory mask that you forget while wearing it? With the 1-layer WeCare breathing mask you can breathe easier!


Through the courage to try new materials, we created a mask, not even on the market. The low weight ensures a high wearing comfort and makes you forget to wear a mask. This is not just an advertising slogan, but based on feedback from nurses, teachers, hairdressers, ...

Trading from a single source

We act with medicine, health and protection products meet the highest quality requirements. Whether FFP 2 masks, rapid tests or lay tests, with us, you obtain everything from a single source.

Easier Breathing

The innovative Material of Westfalen Care combines the three layers of conventional masks to a single fleece location. This results in a significantly lower respiratory differential pressure is reached. What this means for you: reduce the work of Breathing for the highest filtering effect.

Made in Germany

Our production site is located in Bad Wünnenberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen. The Region of Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) is the namesake of our company. We stand for solid work and trusted products from domestic production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about Corona will be answered directly by the Federal Ministry of health .

After MPAV d § 3, paragraph 4, point 4, critical infrastructures and organizations are allowed to use rapid tests instead of lay tests.
Critical infrastructure organizations and institutions with major importance for the state, in the case of the failure or impairment of a long-term impact of supply shortages, significant disruptions of public safety, or other dramatic consequences.

Sectors and industry, division of critical infrastructures

  • Energy
    • Electricity
    • Gas
    • Mineral oil
    • District heating
  • Information technology and telecommunications
    • Telecommunications
    • Information technology
  • Transport and traffic
    • Air travel
    • Maritime
    • Inland shipping
    • Rail transport
    • Road transport
    • Logistics
    • Cross-border movement of goods in the internal border of the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Health
    • Medical Care
    • Drugs and vaccines
    • Laboratories
  • Water
    • Public Water Supply
    • Public Sewage Disposal
  • Nutrition
    • Food industry
    • Food trade
    • Drugstores
  • Finance and insurance
    • Banks
    • Exchanges
    • Insurance
    • Financial service providers
  • Government and administration
    • Government and administration
    • Parliament
    • Judicial institutions
    • Emergency/ rescue services, including civil protection
  • Media and culture
    • Broadcasting (television and Radio), print and electronic press
    • Cultural heritage
    • Iconic Buildings

By the third population law for the protection of the doctor of title was cancelled in section 24 of the IfSG. The operator (e.g., schools or nursing homes) is now allowed to instruct in accordance with the requirements of the medical devices operator Ordinance for persons with the Applying so-called PoC-antigen tests, which have the necessary training or knowledge and experience in the applicable medical product to§ 4 paragraph 5, in conjunction with paragraph 2 MPBetreibV) meadows (.
It is Antigen testing is the responsibility of the operator of the PoC to verify the information for use of the respective Tests, specifically with a view to the staff, who is able to the Test after an appropriate introduction/training.
The operator has to check in a case by Case basis, whether a particular Person is qualified with an appropriate instruction for the application of the Tests is sufficient. With regard to the requirements of the applicable protective measures on the decision 6/2020 of the ABAS of 2. February 2020 "labour protection measures for the sampling and diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2" is referred to.

The SARS-CoV-2-Osh regulation is supplemented by the obligation to test offered and all other applicable Corona-work rules of protection as a duty to the home office-supply of up to 30. June 2021 extended. The amended and / or supplemented Corona-work protection regulation shall enter into force after publication in the Federal Gazette expected to be the middle of next week, as the Federal labour Ministry informs.
The content of the test range is designed to the following obligations: employers of all employees who do not work exclusively in the home office, the Self and the rapid tests provide, in principle at least 1 time per week, for vulnerable employees 2 times a week. The cost for the Tests of the employer. A test is compulsory for the employees, there is not.
Important: The employer must keep evidences of the procurement of Tests or agreements with third parties on the testing of employees for four weeks.
Source: https://www.bmas.de/DE/Service/Presse/Pressemitteilungen/2021/verbindliche-testangebote-in-betrieben-kommen.html

MNB usually consist of commercially available fabrics, and are intended for private use in everyday life. In addition to textile mouth nose covers also non-medical disposable masks are available.

  • The WeCare-breathing mask has a very low breathing resistance of proven 24 [Pa/cm2].
  • The mask through damp not, in contrast to commercially available fabric masks.

In the professional area, mouth-nose-coverings should be in accordance with the SARS-CoV-2-standards for Working always worn, if the safety distance of 1.5 meters, and respiratory protection personal protective equipment is not required.

  • Medical face masks (mouth-nose-protection mask (MNS), Operations (OPS) masks) are medical devices that are used primarily for the protection of the opponent in front of potentially infectious droplets.
  • A MNS is a certified mouth-nose-protection according to DIN 14863. The masks are divided into the following variants: type I, type II and type IIR masks.
  • A MNS has a high breath pressure difference < 60 [Pa/cm²] und filtert Partikel> 0.6 µm, viruses are smaller than 0.45 µm.

"The mouth, nose and coverings help to protect other people from droplets and particles that are triggered, for example, Speaking, coughing, or Sneezing out. For these third-protection of the first scientific evidence.“ and that, although fours are even smaller than the particle filter's ability to suggests. Quoted from: Leaflet Mouth, Nose And Cover - Infektionsschutz.de.

Yeah, she stops Pollen to more than > 99 % (Pollen are greater than > 1 µm).

The biocompatibility and Toxicological properties are tested according to the ISO standard 10993-1 and, therefore, are just as safe as conventional disposable protective mask with three layers of fabric.

No. The WeCare-breathing mask is sold as a single product

Since our WeCare-breathing masks are disposable products, you should change the masks for hygienic reasons after a day.

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